Double Cheese Risotto


• 100g Paysan Breton Brie
• 40g parmesan, grated
• 350g Arborio rice
• 3 tablespoons olive oil
• 1 red onion
• 1 white onion
• 1 litre chicken stock
• salt and pepper


1. Peel and thinly slice the onions
2. Fry the onions in a little olive oil
3. Add the rice into the pan and let it fry on medium heat for several minutes until translucent
4. In a separate pan heat the stock and keep warm
5. Add a third of the stock to the rice mixture and stir constantly until the stock has been absorbed into the rice
6. Continue adding the stock a ladle at a time until all the stock has been absorbed
7. Meanwhile, cut the Brie in to thin slices
8. Add the brie and parmesan to the rice. Mix gently then remove from the heat, cover and let melt for 3 to 4 minutes
Season and serve immediately

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